Paper Prototypes

In order to simulate and explore what it would be like to use our system, we created a series of paper prototypes. Our goal was for users to interact with our design and feel comfortable suggesting minor improvements as well as major structural changes. We used our paper prototypes to assist us in several ways. First, having portable mock-ups of our system were vital for guerrilla style user testing. Secondly, paper and cardboard models of our keypad and key fob featured in a short video demonstrating our system’s use. Paper prototypes were ideal in our user experience research because they are cheap, quick to make and easy to change. After receiving feedback, we were able to quickly modify our prototype and then go back out into the field for additional testing. Through this iterative process of testing and modification, we were able to gain a solid understanding of what our users needed and how we could best accommodate their needs. Once we were satisfied with the usability of our product, we transformed these paper prototypes into annotated wireframes.